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Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Tunnels and Pier!
Virginia Beach!
Sunday morning, our last day together, we went to breakfast at a restaurant named Sting Ray's in Virginia Beach. We met up with some family friends of the Decareaux's. After breakfast, it was on to the Bay Bridge and Tunnels. Portions of the Bay Bridge go UNDER the Chesapeake Bay. They become under- water tunnels. We then went to Virginia Beach; afterwards, we finished out the day with a walk on the Pier over the Bay. It was a very nice day; the prettiest yet.
Chesapeake Bay! And Virginia Beach! The picture above, are the tunnels. Where the holes in the bridge are, is where it goes underwater. There are, I believe, 3 sections like this on the bridge.
More pictures...
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We hope you have enjoyed all of our pictures!

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