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Dave, Sarah and Kate's Travel Norfolk Site!

Kate finally met family! In late March of 2002, the three of us went on a trip to Norfolk,

Virginia to meet up with our families. My parents, and one brother, David came. Along with

Dave's parents, sister, Brittany; and his Grandmother.  In addition, Kate's Godmother, Becky

and my cousins Colleen and Hilary were able to make it.  Ours was a weekend jam packed

with all kinds of fun. We went out to eat, went to the Naval Museum, visited the USS

Wisconsin, toured the Jamestown Settlement, discovered the Colonial Williamsburg, drove

over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnels, walked along a pier over the Bay, and finally,

visited Virginia Beach!  Yes, all in 2 full days and 1 half day.

We had such a great time. It was wonderful to meet with family; and nice for Kate to finally

 meet relatives. We have compiled several pictures from our visit. We hope you enjoy!


This is everyone that was able

to come, minus Dave's

grandmother (see below).

The picture on the left is one

 half of the group at the

Waterside Mall, after dinner

at Outback. The group on

the right, is us at the Pier over

the Chesapeake Bay.


Below are some miscellaneous photos. Click on any link to see a page dedicated to specific groups of pictures.


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Dave and Kate on

Kate's first plane ride.

Kate with her

Godmother, Becky


Kate with my cousins,

Colleen and Hilary


Kate with her Grandpa

Hartrum, my Dad; Keith

Hartrum. (spit up on him



Me, on the plane for

Kate's first trip to the


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Kate, tired of all the

excitement already.

Kate, meeting her

Grandma Hartrum, my

Mom; Mary Hartrum.

Kate with her Uncle

David, my brother;

David Hartrum. (Excited

to meet Kate, NOT to

have his pic taken!) :)

Kate meeting her Nana

Decareaux and Aunt

Brittany. Dave's Mom

and sister- Carmen and

Brittany Decareaux.

Kate meeting one of her

Great Grandmas!

(Dave's Grandmother.

Mine couldn't make the

trip.) Margaret



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Kate meeting her Popsy

Decareaux, Dave's

father; David Decareaux.



The guys...posing.

My cousins with

the baby and I.

Dave and I at Outback!!

Click on the links above for more pictures!!

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