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Colonial Williamsburg!
On Saturday, after Jamestown; we went to Colonial Williamsburg. It is a town actually still running as in the Colonial times. There is so much to see, we saw only a fraction in the 7 or so hours we spent there. The town depicts the customs, politics, and lifestyles of the early colonists. It was great!
To the right is the Governor's Mansion. It is just one of the awesome sights here in the town of Williamsburg. We have several pictures of buildings as well as people. Part of what was so magnificent about this area was the architecture. It varied from very modest to huge and ornate. 
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Above: The gardens of the Governor's Mansion. Don't ask... It's Dave, wearing Kate's bonnet. We were called for a "town meeting" in the city streets; in the above picture.  

Above: We're lost...


The above is a picture of a fraction of the many weapons decorating the Governor's Mansion. Above: The Courthouse and Jail.
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